Monday, December 1, 2014

BeachBody Challenge Daily Winner! $500.00

     Special shoutout to my bro Charlie Castro for successfully completing his P90x3 Beachbody Challenge and winning $500.00! I remember a while back talking to him about OCR (obstacle course racing) and him showing interest, saying how he wants to do it one day. Don't talk about it, BE ABOUT IT!!

-- Challenge Accepted --

      Not only was my challenge to him accepted, but he wanted to start off BIG. He brought his desires to life and signed up for a Super Spartan Race in New York. Talk about GO BIG OR GO HOME! For your first OCR, diving right into a spartan race, let alone a 'super' is no easy task and not for the weak of heart. He had a couple months before his race so i figured why not introduce him to Team Dynasty OCRChallenge 
where he can train and improve his nutrition and earn a chance to win a FREE RACE, one that was hopefully sooner than the months he had to wait for his spartan. Of course, he accepted that challenge as well and decided to try out P90x3 along with Shakeology®. He started off strong and never let up. His results were phenominal, he dedicated his time daily to improving his stamina,strength, speed and endurance and pushed play on every workout. He crushed every challenge i laid out for him in our private fitness group and never flinched when i would throw him extra surprise challenges. No matter what he did his workout and even joined us via skype for fitclub at
I was happy when i found out he was coming out here to Florida, and i figured what better way to put all this training into effect than to run elite. 

     He cashed in his FREE RACE to Armageddon Ambush-The Extreme Mud Run and got him to not only run elite with us but to also help out with our Team run where he helped people get thru obstacles and just looked like a straight up vet on the course. When everyone on the course was struggling to get up that warped wall, i watched this guy #DigDeep and sprint up almost effortlessly.
      I was sold after that. This guys a beast, and its no surprise that Team Beachbody is recognizing him for all his hard work and success. He has competed in the Z run after that, and has finished his Spartan Race Super as well. Congratulations Charlie. I honestly hope you don't stop anytime time soon because you are a force and i cant wait to see what waves you gonna make in the 2015 OCR season. Glad to know you, and to have you a part of our team. Keep going strong and keep leading by example! Your percistence paid off and your passion for health and fitness is inspiring SO SHARE IT!!

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