Wednesday, December 24, 2014

No time to cook

Your healthy guide to eating out

     One of the guides I just read thru  inside of my Insanity Max 30 "No time to cook" takes the stress out of eating while your out. It happens to us all, you get stuck out all day, and dining out is an easy solution.

     This guide is extremely helpful because it gives you options that wont set you back too bad on your diet, or "clean eating" track. Knowing what options you have ahead of time can be helpful and reduce the damage to any progress you've made thus far.Many of the fast food chains are starting to get healthy by offering healthier menus options and adding nutritional information to menus.

 Here are a few good pointers if your out there and have no other option than to eat fast food:
      Skip the sodas and juices. This should be priority #1. Majority of the fast food chains will substitute your beverage with water, black coffee or tea.
     Skip the FREE food. Send it back. You didn't order it, so don't eat it! Bread chips, pretzels, etc may be free for your wallet but not free of calories. 

     DON'T supersize anything. Portion sizes have gotten increasingly large over the years.
     Pass on the condiments. mayo, tartar sauce, ranch etc These add a bunch of calories that aren't too healthy. Although mustard is always a good healthy option. Not the best of condiments in my opinion but it's only 0 calories. I often keep packets in my camelback or weight vest. I found out these work wonders for cramping when i ran Spartan Beast in South carolina. 
     Always get some form of fruits and vegetables. The fresher than better. ie apple pie is not what i mean, opt for the apple slices. Most of the places out there all have some type of fruit or salad, or you can always just stop at a store nearby.

OR you can just always bring a packet or two of Shakeology with you and you won't have to be faced with these difficult temptations later on.

30 minutes. INSANE results.

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