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T3 - BUD/S Edition with BattleFrog

Team Regiment
A little back story...Soo as some of you may know for the past year almost on & off I have been training with Neil Murphy - Founder of Regiment Running group. I met Neil last year searching around for a Spartan Race Championship viewing party. The Spartan Race website suggested several locations  for viewings in my area and it just so happened his was the closest one.
     Not knowing too much of what to expect I showed up. I'm thinking along the lines of maybe a bar or restaurant, with a whole bunch of loud, beer drinking, shot chasing,  MUDRUNFUN OCR-junkies. What I got instead was soo much more magical and the start of new long- lasting friendships and a breakthrough in the plateau I have reached in my training.  I live exactly 2.37 miles away from where this viewing party was to be hosted so I figured it would be good if I ran there and get a little cardio in before the festivities. I strapped on my ipod, gps and left. The GPS brought me to a Neighborhood REC center and I see a group of guys standing there one of which is Neil holding a Team Regiment flag. I immediately recognized him from previous races I've attended and images of him passing by me at the Superhero Scramble in Clermont 2013 flashed in my head.  Now we had spoke briefly on Facebook and he came right up to me and greeted me, and nonchalantly said I hope your ready. (never forget that).. I scoffed it off a little and said something along the lines of BRING IT ON! Meanwhile thinking sheesh, I can handle whatever you guys dish out.... NOOBS.. LOL   Boy was I in for a treat because this wasn't only just a viewing party where we get together and hang out, this was a T2 Training session.

 I was introduced to a new world of  "suck" 

     Thinking, man I'm a Beachbody Coach. I live and breathe health & fitness. I DO this... whats the worst that could happen? We started off with water PT. Now as simple as that sounds, I assure you, it's not. At least for me it wasn't. I have never (then) incorparated ANY type of water exercise into my workout regiment. So I went into it too cocky and exerted an enormous amount of energy in the water. A lesson you would think was learned from my race at theClermont Intimidator 2013
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     Straight after the water PT, we went for an OCR themed run around the neighborhood doing various forms of PT along the way. All in all I had a good experience, met some great friends, and was the start of a new variation to my fitness journey. From then on I would join RR for weekly training sessions on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. These workouts consist of everything from sprint training, to mock OCR runs, distance runs, rucking, walking, burpees, lunges etc.. Recently The 407 Fitclub has teamed up with Team Regiment  to not only provide a variation in workout routines, but to also introduce its members to the beautiful world of OCR (obstacle course racing) , Rucking, and so much more.

     With that being said, I now come to the point of this blog. The T3 - Tough Training Trails  BUD/S Edition with BattleFrog. Details, hopes and fears, my training leading up to this event, challenges, and my favorite aspects of the race.

Details - The T3 is a 10-12 hour, 16 mile team-building ruck, swim, and obstacle run event that is divided into five themed laps that train, test and challenge every part of your mind and body. Laps are designed to test every aspect of endurance such that the next lap is strategically the hardest thing you can endure. This event is designed to prepare you for big events like GORUCK, Spartan UltraBeast, World's Toughest Mudder and other high-caliber events out there. T3 enlisted will engage in pre-game challenges and challenges within the T3 to earn what are called burpee points. If you aren't familiar with this system, check out the description on the team website: 
Those who make it to the end (people have quit on many occasions) will receive the coveted red R patch and the rare honor that only the elite get to share in Team Regiment.

RUCKING -  Blah Blah Blah carry heavy crap Blah Blah Blah long stupid distances Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah.Definition provided by my sucky experiences so far.

     Training for the T3 - To be completely honest i have no idea what to do to train for this event. Which may have its benefits because I am just winding up doing a little of it all. Only difference is now I wear a weighted vest for about 75 - 80% of my workouts to embrace the suck so to speak of rucking. 

          I've been pretty much sticking to what I know works. If it aint broke don't fix it right? Im still doing trail running whenever possible, along with
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     I throw a little something extra into the mix every once in a while to mix it up. I can't forget to include whatever we wind up doing in Fitclub and Regiment Running group. Oh yeah - Burpees... lots of them. Burpee pullups, pushups planks,  any calisthenic I can think of I try to incorporate it into my schedule. 
     To intensify these programs i have been completing them using a ZFO 60lb.  adjustable weight vest. (highest i worked out with is 35)

Here's a little video compilation of the various program I've been working on from my youtube channel, Dont forget to subscribe!

               Nutrition - I fuel my body everyday with Shakeology. I consume about a gallon a day of water, and try to the best of my ability to follow a clean eating profile. It's not always easy, in fact it's my biggest weakness, but a positive attitude and taking it day by day is what keeps me on course.

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Battlefrog BUDS Instructors/ T3 Cadres - I Don't really know too much about who we will have at this event. Haven't heard too much about it but I will share what I have heard so far.

***Copied from Regiment Running T3 Live Update page*** >>>>LINK HERE<<<<        
An introduction to one of your BUD/s instructors

In the spirit of this event being BattleFrog themed, it is highly recommended that the class 
watch the six part series documenting BUD/s.  In fact... if you watch the episode on hell 
Take the OCR Challenge and see how you could earn a FREE Race!
week, you'll notice one of the instructors is 
absolutely tearing apart a team for a loose
 boot strap.  That chipper, happy instructor 
is instructor Mike.  That, my friends, is one 
of the two instructors that will be administering
 your lessons learned on your fateful day
 in December.  Have fun.

  Part 4  |  Part 5  |  Part 6
EDIT:  There is a shorter video summarizing
 In it you get to hear more 
of your instructor, Mike G.

Hmmmm.... Not really sure how I feel about
 that... Im just going leave that one alone just 
incase Mr. Mike G stumbles across this blog
 before the event takes place lol. Doesnt 
seem like the kind of guy you want on your butt hounding you at an event like this.. Hell anywhere. Just think,
 that was just a boot strap.... 

      One thing that I personally like, that separates this event from any other I have ever done is the Pre-race Challenges. I enjoy the fact that you get a hell of alot more than just a couple hours worth of  "event". Now although I'm sure there are other events out there that do this as well, this is the first I have seen.There are challenges that can be done prior to the day of the event that can greatly alter your fate on that day. It test' your commitment to the event itself. It shows you who the TRUE team players are within the registrants, who can be relied on, where your teammates strengths/weaknesses lie, and it weeds out the potential bad apples that will do more harm to the team progress than help. I have never participated in events that do this, and it is what primarily peaked my interest in the T3. Now that I said that lets get into a bit more depth of these challenges.the perks, good & bad, and what my thoughts are on the overseeing process of it.
One of the challenges was to spell out a word..... in miles......     IMPOSSIBILITIES 

All the "challenges" can be found on the Regiment Running website and ONLY on that site. Genius really. Not only does it produce a steady daily flow of traffic to the site/blog from registrants seeking extra  *Burpee Points*  but also other people who are considering the event or heard about it etc. If you don't want to do a crap load of pt, or want to be able to unlock perks, disable perks, whatever the reason,  you will more than likely find yourself on this website at least 5 - 10 a day.
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The Perks


    The perks pretty much speak for themselves. In order to unlock a good perk, or remove a bad perk, then you must complete "challenges" to aquire "burpee points".  Another cool thing is burpee points can also be aquired by participating in affiliate events, or having some type of  RR paraphanelia at an event.  Which BTW on that subject is the ONLY reason why I am taking my chances at MOAT 52 miler. for a chance to run the T3 Ruckless** <blog on that after Dec. 6th>


         Alright on some of the challenges you have the chance to remove one random bad perk. hmmm... Thats my only Real problem. I mean what is random? under who's definition are we going by? who verifies the true randomness? and if nobody is there to actually witness that it is random, then is it truly random?? I don't know, but let me give you and idea of what I mean. lol

        Here is a video the challengers receive after a job well done

     Call me paranoid, but if I held an event, and promoted from the start that the participants will be lifting something "stupid heavy"  then I would do anything in my power to make sure that obstacle stays in the event... who knows, if I rolled the dice first time around on a perk that I didnt want eliminated I could always just re-record lmaoo..
Well guys that all for now calling it a night. wish me luck!!!

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**********I've been asked several times, "why is this so important to you?" or why do you feel the NEED to put yourself thru this... Ironically the answer is simple enough. Because I can and I will. You know, the whole ready, willing and able mantra. Test my limits. see my breaking points, find out where I need improvement, become better than I was the day before... It's not that I feel the NEED persay, I guess it's just that I KNOW neil. I Know he will try everything in his power along with the Battlefrog Cadres to try to break us. It's not everyday you get an opportunity like this to test all your training, your dedication and passion, your heart. Plus only 55 bucks for a days worth of kickass PT with Navy Seal Cadres?! PT in the SAND?? IT DOESNT GET ANY BETTER THAN THAT FOR CIVILIANS LOL -- What?? I'll take that opportunity. Win lose or draw the experience alone is another page in the books... Im coming home with a patch. The only person who can stop that from happening is me.... so I guess thats where my TRUE battle will lie.

OH YEA BTW NEIL MURPHY ILL TAKE MY +4 now please and thank you :)

******SPOT RESERVED FOR T3 POST RACE REVIEW******* update after December 13th

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